Your little guide to good food tips for surfers

Your little guide to good food tips for surfers

Surfing is one of the coolest sports, that’s for sure.. but even for the coolest sport, you have to pick the best diet. Knowing what to put in your body to fuel your surf sessions is key to getting more out of them.


Here are some tips of food that will benefit your surf session and your life as well :


(1) Fruit/veggie smoothie

Nothing quite like it. Quick Easy and will help to wake you up, giving you tones of energy for your surf. It digests quickly and doesn’t sit heavy on your stomach in the water., it gets absorbed superfast and can give you instant energy for hours whilst also packed with essential vitamin minerals as well as sugars.

2) Foods with low glycemic index

Foods with a low Glycemic index are perfect for pre-surf meals great for those longer sessions, giving you a slow and constant release of energy to last keeping your energy stores replenished. Things like most grains and seeds Whole grain bread, High-fiber cereal, Oatmeal, ground flaxseed, Fresh berries, yogurt, granola most fruits, vegetables & Nuts are a perfect fuel for your session.


3) Fresh fruit / dried fruit

Fruits are one of the best foods for instant energy and hugely nutritious source of carbohydrate, so is ideal before or after a session From an athlete’s perspective, the vitamin, mineral and antioxidants content of fruit has a huge effect energy levels and well-being. Fresh/Dried fruits also helps the body to recover faster after a long surf minimizing aching muscles the next day.


(4) Fresh vegetables

Perfect to help and optimizing exercise performance during periods of heavy surfing/ training. A number of vitamins and minerals provided by fruit and vegetables have a functional role in exercise performance and recovery following strenuous exercise.


(5) Lean meats

Meats like Grilled chicken, Fresh fish (Coho salmon, tuna, and mackerel are rich in omega-3 fatty acids) packed with essential proteins and acids to help your body recover and grow stronger after a surf session, meaning you going to recover quicker and be stronger next time.


(6) Water

Still the best and easiest for your body. Over the course of a few hours your body is going to lose about 2-3 pints of water when surfing, so it’s important to hydrate before and after.


(7) Protein shakes

Like any exercise at the gym or playing sport after surfing your body needs proteins and essential acids to help your body recover and grow stronger. Trying to do this quickly after a surf is essential for your recovery and performance next time in the water.
Protein shakes are a great way to help get the optimum nutrition you need straight away. If you want a more natural hit of protein you could get hemp protein power as it’s a plant based protein source that is absorbed quicker than animal proteins.