Blue fluorescent waves charmed California people!

Jack Fusco, who took this picture, captured the clarity of the aqua colours on the shoreline. "After your eyes have adjusted, you can start seeing different hues of blue and it's really mesmerising to watch," he says

The people of San Diego, California, have witnessed a wonderful spectacle in the last few days.
As night fell, fluorescent blue waves appeared and lit up California. This exceptional colour is in fact the result of a chemical reaction... A red tide, causing a chemical reaction of the plankton, transformed the colour of the water with an electric neon blue tint in San Diego, California.
Photographers have chosen to immortalize this magical but ephemeral moment.
This phenomenon is not so rare in reality. But the last red tide in San Diego occurred in 2013.  This red tide brings a magnificent light to the night fallen on the beaches of San Diego. So we had to be patient!

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