Here are 5 simple ways to improve your surfing

Here are 5 simple ways to improve your surfing

It seems logical that the best training for surfing would be, well, surfing.. But are these three to four sessions a week enough to keep a person in good physical shape in the water ?
So to not lose too much in physical condition or reflex, here are some tips to help you improve your surfing !

1. JOGGING - a must


You won't like it but it's necessary, nothing better to work the effort management and its breath when you pass the bar than to go jogging in the early morning. A training that requires mental and regularity. Don't forget to include a few fractions in your training and push your limits a bit. Be brave, it's for a good cause!


2. THE BURPEE - explosive take-off

The Burpee is a movement invented in the thirties by Mr. Burpee which consists in linking pumps - squats - jump. Repeating these three exercises allows you to work your explosiveness in the take-off and work the primary, secondary and tertiary muscles. To be repeated without moderation!



A board, a tube, we're almost there. Balance boards are good for beginners but not only! They also allow you to keep your balance and build up your legs, abs and buttocks. There are many different models and it's a real challenge to put some longboard figures on it!

4. THE YOGA - posture and back


Perfect for working on balance and flexibility, yoga also strengthens the muscles in the lumbar region! Doctors often recommend the practice of yoga to surfers who complain of back pain. Plus it feels good to the spirit!

5. SWIMMING POOL - muscles for rowing


Nothing better to work all the muscles, than going for a few laps at the pool! We continue to work our arms all winter long to reduce rowing pain when the sun comes back. We add a few fractions like for running, always to work cardio and explosiveness at the time of take-off.