Despite their high price, boards, wetsuits, leash and others are consumables, which will wear out throughout their existence, even when dry at home. Here are some tips or tricks to extend the life expectancy of your equipment:

The board:

Outside, and even in the water, its worst enemy is the sun. As soon as the session is over, slip your board into an anti-UV cover to protect the foam bread from heat and prevent it from turning yellow. If the cover has to stay in a car in direct sunlight, remember to open one of the windows to let the air circulate.
At home, leave your board in the cover. If not, at least protect the tail by placing it on a piece of carpet, bull-pack or other to relieve the resin and reduce the overall tension of the board. Never put your board on the nose!
Remember to reduce the length of the leash cord to avoid damaging the tail in case of tension.
To protect the rails, a product from the SUP has just arrived on the market, the RailSaver: a thin but reinforced self-adhesive strip to apply from the nose to the tail. Enough to make your board a real bumper car in the middle of summer!

The Wetsuit:

Put on your suit gently, because stretch has its limits.
Feel free to put your feet in a sock or plastic bag to facilitate their passage.
Rinse your suit - preferably with warm water - paying particular attention to the stitching and zip.
Do not let it dry in direct sunlight and prefer a clothes hanger so as not to deform it with the weight of soaked water.
Once dry, put it back upright so as not to damage the edges.

The leash:

Don't leave it wrapped around the board between sessions! A too frequent error, which in the long run will make it wind systematically between your feet or the drifts. Annoying.
Better, stretch it by placing the scratch on the nose of your board or a nail on the wall when your board is in its rack.
Rinse your leash after each session.

The cover:

Shake it to empty the sand that would have slipped inside and thus avoid micro-scratches on your board.
Rinse the zip so it doesn't get infected, even if most of them are now made of plastic.

!!!!Last thing!!!!

Pamper your equipment, talk to it, tell it you love it. He will know how to return it to you...


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