Wax is a paraffin wax that could be compared to candle wax. Its physical properties are nevertheless different enough and studied to allow you to spread it on the board easily enough and that it gives you grip for your feet, so as not to slip off your board. Because if you haven't studied a surfboard yet, the surface of the top and the surface of the bottom are totally identical, then it's easy to imagine that if you don't do anything special, you're going to slide on the board, just like it slides on the water and get a nice a wipe-out.

It is thus necessary to know that there are several types of wax, some called "base" are used to create the first layer or base layer. The other waxes are used to create the necessary grip to surf. Yet again, there are different types of wax, designed according to water and air temperature. Softer waxes for cold water and harder and heat-resistant waxes for warm and tropical waters

In theory, there is nothing very complex when waxing your board, but when you don't know how to do it, you don't know how to do it, so I give you here some basic advice, valid for the base and for the connections before the session:

1° The golden rule is to cross the layers or to proceed in a circle. This will greatly improve the grip.

2° Wax should be applied wherever the feet or hands are to be placed. So if it is useless to wax the tip of a shortboard where neither one nor the other will ever be put on a longboard, you can wax the entire surface, as you are led to move along its entire length depending on the figures you want to perform or the type of waves.

3° Be careful not to wax the rails too much because if you surf in a swimsuit and you are the hairy type, the feeling of hair removal is quite unpleasant.

4° Once a year, after the season, completely de-wax your board in order to check if there is not too much damage (dents having caused micro cracks in the Epoxy likely to let water infiltrate) under this layer of paraffin and to start again the season with a new waxing.

Note: Wax allergy (irritation)

Surfers all experience it one day or another, wax can often cause painful irritations during the first sessions of the season (or surfing practice) when you try surfing without a suit. It is very rarely cut. The good news is that this unpleasant irritation is totally begnine and that our skin gets used to paraffin quite quickly. In other words, after a few days, there is no discomfort. The small council, it is if one is very sensitive, to use a lycra (tee-shirt special) or to avoid to accentuate too much friction, in particular at the area of the nipples...


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