When you start to take waves and have fun in the water you quickly become addicted, but here we are, in surfing, being passionate is not enough! To reach a good level you not only have to surf all the time but also try things, change spots, change boards, take risks, fall and start again.

You may love it and go surfing often, if like me you have some apprehensions and tend to stay in your comfort zone, you don't progress very fast. I always say that not having a good level doesn't prevent you from having fun, with enough knowledge to row and take waves and a good knowledge of the ocean and your limits, all the sessions are fun and that's the main thing. Fun should, in my opinion, always remain the key element of the session, go surfing when you're scared to death because the waves are huge or just when you don't want to, it's not great, the goal is not to scare you or make you disgust with surfing. But without going that far, it's good to push your limits a little from time to time and try new things to improve and finally have even more fun! A new spot, a new board or waves a little bigger than what you are used to surfing, there are many opportunities, you just have to go for it!

Easier said than done, I find it very difficult to change my habits and push myself a little. Fortunately there are always other surfers, friends or strangers in the line up, to encourage you and push you to surf more and better. What could be more stimulating than having all your friends yelling, "Come on, come on, it's for you! "when the bomb of the series arrives, in these cases, no choice, you have to go! Water surfers are, in most cases, quite benevolent and happy to give some advice to help you, especially girls (...), so let's take advantage of it.

And if you are tired of surfing alone or with guys and you want to meet other girls to go to the water, the Elles Surf association is for you! Surfing sessions with girls, parties, good tips, Elles Surf brings together a small community of surfers, of all levels and ages, who share their experiences and get organized to go surfing together.

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