Surfing is often talked about in general but there are actually several surfing styles and several board styles. Beginners often opt for an intermediate or progressive and voluminous board called a mini malibu (between 7 and 8 feet approximately) to start and then orient themselves towards shorter or longer according to their desires and personality.

The shortboard

The shortboard is a short and sharp board that appeared in the 60s as a surf revolution, it allows radical manoeuvres in rather big and hollow waves for a performance-oriented surf. With a size generally between 5 and 7 feet it is a very handy board for surfers who have a commitment to the water and who are looking for thrills, it requires a certain level. This is the competitor's favorite board, competitions also exist in longboard but they are less numerous and much less publicized.

The longboard

The longboard is a larger (minimum 9 feet) and more massive board that comes in two categories, the "classic" and the "modern". The "classic" or "log" is ideal for a softer glide in long, rather small and soft waves, it is aimed at surfers who like to cruise on the wave and make noserides rather than rollers or tubes.  The "modern" ones are more keen on aggressive surfing and/or big, powerful waves. Longboarding is known for its more graceful glide than shortboarding, but both sports are practiced with talent by both men and women.

Alternative boards

There are many so-called alternative boards such as retro fish, mini simmons, singles, eggs or guns. These boards are very successful in free surfing, they allow a more expressive surfing in various and varied conditions. Guns are, for example, boards specially designed for very large waves, eggs and retro fish are thicker and wider than shortboards to surf smaller or softer waves while keeping a lot of maneuverability.

Tensions sometimes exist between shortboarders and longboarders (not to mention Stand Up Paddle... the common enemy!) but everyone surf in their own way and for their own pleasure, whether they are more performance or cruising there are waves for everyone. In addition to respecting the priority rules, being able to live and be courteous is still the best way to avoid a bad atmosphere in the water.

The type of board often goes hand in hand with the surfer's lifestyle and style. It is up to you to define what you are looking for and what you really like, local shapers or small surfshops are often very attentive and of good advice, do not hesitate to consult them.

For some, a surfboard is more than a sports tool, it is a work of art, a medium of expression, shape competitions are sometimes organized and brands are collaborating more and more with artists to design beautiful and unique boards. This is the case of Almonds Surfboards, a Californian brand that has just released a series of boards in collaboration with photographer Gray Malin, perfect for surfing or decorating your living room!

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