Why Surfing In The Early Morning Is Good For You?

Why Surfing In The Early Morning Is Good For You?

As mentalities tend towards a healthier lifestyle, taking care of your body has become more essential than ever, especially for riders.

Surfing in the morning means giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy the best conditions (in general, in the early morning the wind is less present) and it saves you from confronting fifty other surfers.

Here are all the benefits of a big morning session:

Fewer people!

If they make an article about it, it's good that morning surfing isn't that widespread. We all have at least one surf buddy who tells us every day before a big session: "Tomorrow morning, 6am, I'm up. At 6:45, I'm in the water and I'm enjoying a crazy session with nobody at the line-up." In the end, he always ends up in the water after work because he didn't get up early in the morning.

Getting up early in the morning is an adjustment for many, and it's one of the key factors in the fact that there will always be fewer people in the water than at the sunset.

A top organization!

The morning session means organization. You can't afford not to have packed the night before if you want to enjoy the waves. Just before going to bed, you prepare a snack, your things and your gear so you jump in the car only 10 minutes after you wake up and hop, happiness to you!

Fit for the day

Sport increases the production of endorphin, a hormone that makes you feel good about yourself and relieves stress. A sports session (surfing or other) of at least 45 minutes will drop your blood pressure by 10% during the next 10 hours. You will feel less stressed and happier. The icing on the cake, am I right?

Your sleep tells you... thank you

And yes! Contrary to clichés and what one might think of as a first omen, getting up early in the morning to do sports does not disturb the quality of your sleep. On the contrary, it is scientifically proven that deep sleep is more restorative in people who do sports in the morning. You will sleep longer (provided you go to bed early of course) and better.


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